15 - 17 June 2009, Jena, Germany

Social Events

Come Togetherweintanne

The historic building Weintanne was raised in the closing years of the 15th century in late Gothic-style. The site is located in the historic Jenergasse which is regarded as oldest city's alley famous for wine public bars all the time. The winegrowing was started by Zisterzienser's monks from Pforta near Naumburg. It was an important source of revenue for Jena's townspeople in the middle ages. So the location Weintanne operated as wine store and  student hostel for centuries as well. In 1928 the place starts to offer a wine store in collaboration with a tavern.

Come Together Location (15.06.2009, 19:00)
Weintanne, Jenergasse 13, D-07743 Jena, Germany


Conference Dinner

OsterburgThe Conference Dinner takes place on the Tuesday evening in the historical place Osterburg (Weida), a castle in Weida, Thuringia. The castle was built from 1163 to 1193 AD by Heinrich I., brother of Weida's founder reeve Erkenbert II. The foundation soil for the Romanesque fortification on top made it a strategically important location. From 11th into the 15th centuries Osterburg was the ancestral seat of the Weida's reeves. At the beginning the castle bears the initial name "Das feste Haus zu Weida". Since 17th centuries the venue means today's name castle Osterburg. The name "Osterburg" is derived from latin "Neuostland". Today there are some areas of Thuringia are still named as "Osterland" or "Ostland".

The conference dinner venue provides an opportunity to enjoy Thuringia medieval times and to know the special tradition of the conference by networking and serving remarkable cuisine.

Conference Dinner Location (16.06.2009, 19:00)
Osterburg Weida, Schlossberg 14, D-07570 Weida, Germany