Conference Program

 Sunday - June 25, 2017

19.00 22.00 Informal Welcome Reception
Braustüb'l Darmstadt, Goebelstraße 7, DE-64293 Darmstadt

Monday - June 26, 2017

10:30 Registration
10:30 11:00 Conference Opening
11:00 12:30 Session 1: Data Analytics
    S1.1: Jörg Roth:
Extracting Wikipedia Data to Enrich Spatial Information

S1.2: Andreas Lommatzsch, Florian Bütow and Danuta Ploch:
Towards the Automatic Sentiment Analysis of German News and Forum Documents

S1.3: Michel Herbin, Didier Gillard and Laurent Hussenet:
Concept of Observer to Detect Special Cases in a Multidimensional Dataset

Chair: Gerald Eichler (Deutsche Telekom, Technology & Innovation)
12:30 13:30 Lunch Snack
13:30 14:30 Keynote: N. N
Coffee Break
Session 2: Cooperative Networks

S2.1: Hacene Fouchal, Geoffrey Wilhelm, Emilien Bourdy and Marwane Ayaida:
An Extended Tester for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

S2.2: Ahmed Alioua, Sidi-Mohammed Senouci and Samira Moussaoui:
dSDiVN: A Distributed Software-Defined Networking Architecture for Infra-structure-less Vehicular Networks

Chair: Jörg Roth (Nuremberg Institute of Technology)

19:30 22:30 Social Event: Come Together
[Location to be announced]

Thuesday - June 27, 2017

09:00 10:30 Session 3: Optimization Algorithms
    S3.1: Andreas Eiermann, Mathias Renner, Marcel Großmann and Udo Krieger:
On a Fog Computing Platform Built on ARM Architectures by Docker Container Technology

S3.2: Julian Knoll, David Köckritz and Rainer Groß:
Markov Random Walk vs. Higher-order Factorization Machines: A Comparison of State-of-the-art Recommender Algorithms

S3.3: Niels Neumann and Frank Phillipson:
Finding the Intersection Points of Networks

Chair: N. N.
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break
Invited talk: N. N.
12:00 13:00 Visit Smart Home showroom "Qivicon"
13:00 14:00 Lunch Buffet
14:00 15:30 Session 4: Infrastructure Planning
    S4.1: Dirk von Hugo and Gerald Eichler:
Distributed Network Infrastructure for Community Services in the Framework of Next Generation Mobile Networks

S4.2: Timotheus Vos and Frank Phillipson:
Constrained Wireless Network Planning

Chair: Christian Erfurth (EAH - University of Applied Sciences Jena)
Coffee Break
16:00 17:00 Panel Session: Discussion on Community Topics
Chair: N. N.
17:00 17:15
Announcement of the 18th I4CS 2018

18:45 23:00 Conference Dinner
[Location to be anounced]

Wednesday - June 28, 2017

09:30 10:30 Session 5: Energy Management
    S5.1: Frank Phillipson:
Multi Objective Approach for Tactical Capacity Management of Distributed Generation

S5.2: Mohammed Assaouy, Ouadoudi Zytoune and Driss Aboutajdine:
DP and RL Approach Optimization for Embedded System Communications with Energy Harvesting

Chair: N. N.
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break
Session 6: Spatial Guidance  [Short Papers]
    S6.1: Michal Hodon, Martin Hudik, Stefan Toth and Michal Kochlan:
Smart Screen System for Smart Buildings Made of Tablets
S6.2: Tawfiq Nebbou, Hacene Fouchal, Lehsaini Mohamed and Marwane Ayaida:
A Realistic Location System for VANETs

Chair: N. N.
12:30 12:45 Young Scientist, Best Paper and Best Presentation Award Ceremony
12:45 13:00 Final Remark and Closing Session

This program is still a draft and might be subject to change without any notice.