15 - 17 June 2009, Jena, Germany

Session Information

Presentation and Equipment

Each individual presentation, compiled into sessions of two or three presentations, is given a 30 minutes time slot. 25 min are reserved for the speech while leaving 5 minutes for discussion with the auditory.


A conference PC running Microsoft Powerpoint is equipped with WLAN access, beamer and audio system will be available. Omit to use your own equipment, except there are special reasons for.

In case any assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact the organization team via in advance or one of the local persons, wearing the red conference badge.

Hints for speakers

In advance, please

  • prepare for your session chair and send in advance a message to containing:
  • presentation title
  • abstract of the presentation
  • name and affiliations of all authors
  • name of the presenter
  • short biographical note (CV) of the presenter
  • make sure you have embedded special fonts in your Powerpoint file
  • report any special requirements for your presentation to the organization team

During the conference, please

  • meet your session chair in the auditory for networking 10 minutes before the session starts
  • transfer your presentation to the conference PC (appropriate session folder on desktop) via USB stick or CD
  • make sure your presentation is running
  • take care of time management hints of your session chair:
  • yellow card: 5 minutes left - move to conclusions
  • red card: 1 minute left - finish you talk

Hints for session chairs

In advance, please

  • make familiar with the papers of your session by checking the proceedings
  • meet your speakers in the auditory for networking 10 minutes before the session starts

During your session, please

  • motivate the session topic
  • introduce each speaker to the auditory using the provided CV
  • take care of the time management of the entire session
  • inform the speakers about the remaining time, using the provided yellow and red cards
  • guide the discussion after each talk
  • make a final remark at the end of the session